16,000 lb capacity trailer and up to 20 cubic
yard containers


Hoist Rated capacity: 16,000 lbs

Safety Lock: Automatic mechanical

Hoist Cylinder: 2 - 4” x 48” x 2” Chrome Rods

Winch Cylinder: 2 - 4” x 48” x 2” Nitro Rods

Cable: 5/8” Cable

Dump Angle: 51 degrees

Trailer Weight, Width, Length: 4340 lbs,
101”W, 261”L

Approximate Operating Times: Down 22 sec.,
On 53 sec., Off 47 sec.

Hydraulics: All hydraulics have safety lock valves. Electric over hydraulic with manual override.
Wireless remote controlled operation.

Dumpster Style: Tub

Maximum Dumpster Size: 20 cubic yard

Hitch: Pintel or Gooseneck

Jack: Hydraulic wireless remote controlled.

Warranty: Five-year structural

Popular Options: Semi Auto Tarper, Detachable Gooseneck