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Recycle Systems – Equipment for Solid Waste and Recycling

Recycle Systems has a fleet of six service trucks. Each is equipped with 500 amp welder, specialized tools and parts to keep compactors, balers, conveyors up and running for our customers. 

Our shop in Kirkland, Washington is equipped to fabricate parts and recondition used equipment including the ability to test run large balers up to
100 horsepower.

Kirkland, Washington facility for Recycle Systems

Steve Anderson – Account Representative 
Southwest Washington/Oregon/Alaska

Steve has over 25 years of equipment experience ranging from small balers to multi-million dollar MRF projects. Steve covers the Cities of Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland, and Southwest Washington and Oregon State.  Steve has worked with customers on two ram balers, and horizontal balers handling scrap metal, recyclable paper, plastics and aluminum cans.  Another Steve Anderson specialty is providing smaller balers to the remote communities of Alaska – some of which are only reached by barge a few times each year.


Mike Coppens – Account Representative
Rocky Mountain Region

Mike Coppens joined Recycle Systems from a background in truck parts and construction project management in Colorado and Wyoming so he knows his way around equipment, and his sales territory. Mike works out of his home office in Denver to cover customers in the Rocky Mountain area, where he looks after customer needs from small vertical balers, compactors, all the way up to two ram balers and conveyor systems.


Seth Rosen Account Representative

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northwest Washington

Seth has 26 years of recycling experience including many years as an operations manager at a high volume recycling plant. Seth has traveled extensively in Canada and is our representative to the recycling associations in each province ( CWMA, RCBC, RCA, SWRC). One of his more unusual projects was installing a large municipal solid waste baler in Yellowknife NWT just prior to freeze-up and before the river crossing closed! Seth has also assisted several communities with mini-MRF sorting systems to produce good quality recyclables at a sensible cost.



A Wealth of Experience At Your Service


All of us at Recycle Systems come from a recycling industry background. We know the impact of downtime and we all take personal responsibility in getting your needs handled in a quick
and professional manner.

Staff - Recycle Systems


Left to right: Jan McFarland - Office Manager, Seth Rosen - Representative,
Greg Matheson - Owner, Steve Anderson - Representative,
Ken Japhet - Service Manager, Charlie Douthit - Parts & Service


Greg Matheson Owner

Representative for Eastern Washington, Montana, Idaho

Greg is a native of Canada where he was born in Saskatchewan and attended school in British Columbia. Greg has over 30 years recycling and solid waste industry experience in the Pacific Northwest and intermountain regions. He works to support the sales team and covers selected territories and key customer accounts. Greg is always looking for ways that innovations can make equipment simpler and easier to maintain.


Jan McFarland – Office Manager

Jan originally hails from Spokane and has worked for Recycle Systems for over 15 years in which she has learned a lot about equipment and especially parts and service. If you call and ask about the “thing-a-ma-jig”  that "you replaced three years ago on your HRB-10"-- it will be Jan that solves the mystery. Jan also supervises our accounting and keeps our office technology under control –though she agrees with all of us that voice mail is never going to be answering our phone during business hours!


Charlie Douthit – Service Dispatch & Parts

Charlie joined Recycle Systems in the fall of 2011 and handles parts and service calls. He always tries to get all the information required to handle customer needs without confusion which often means confirming machine models, serial numbers and parts numbers. Charlie will make sure you get what you need when you need it.


Ken Japhet – Service Manager

Ken has extensive experience with Harris solid waste equipment going back into the 1990’s. Ken assigns service work to particular technicians. Ken also manages service projects such as installations, relines, and rebuilds to make sure that all job components are in place to get the job done with maximum efficiency.